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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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About FUMA

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The mission of FUMA: Crusade Against Crime is to bring a state and feeling of confident dignity and a mind set of realistically feasible normalization into the lives of disabled minority individuals and senior citizens throughout America. The Non-Profit entity, FUMA,:  Crusade Against Crime was founded in 1967 and will provide supportive services to disabled minority individuals and disabled senior citizens. It is a  non-profit, 501 3 (C) corporation. My base of operations is located at; 187 Rivervale Road River Vale, New Jersey 07675.

The young Grandmaster, Michael DePasquale squares off with  one of his most famous fans on the debut of his morning show.

“As Dojo owners (Martial Art School), we’re all creative people at the top of our field,” Stated young Ni-Dai Soke (first in line to assume the mantle of Grandmaster) Michael DePasquale, Jr. to his father, Michael Sr, the Grandmaster, and the other Martial Artists who had visited his small, but world-renown Martial Art Institute in River Vale, New Jersey.

“Other Martial Artists and community leaders, as well as the general public expect us to do more than just sit, hand out awards walk and around at tournaments, looking important. There are so many American citizens with so many different special needs that we should be addressing. And we’re not doing a thing for them. We have to do a lot more, if we’re going to be truly useful to our respective communities . . . if we’re going to really be what we’re expected to be. Look at how school-aged kids are following each other to the drug dealer like lemmings, because of Negative Peer pressure. It’s time we introduced them to Positive Peer Pressure.  In other words, let’s turn it around. And the sooner, the better.”

The foregoing statements proved to be not only prophetic, but far reaching and history making.

The words of the young Grandmaster-to-be struck a special chord in the chests of the gathered hand-to-hand experts. They made a pact, as world class Martial Artists, to pool their various (non-financial) resources and make a firm commitment to dedicate themselves to being of true service to their respective communities and the Nation as a whole. The assemblage knew that this would most certainly not be a money-making venture. But the need was so great, that the profit motive had no place in their thinking. And thus FUMA: Crusade Against Crime, a (501(C) (3) corporation), was born.

FUMA the Federation of United Martial Artists: Crusade Against Crime has, for the past two decades, provided Martial Art instruction to adults and children. FUMA,: Crusade Against Crime's staff most notably specializes in the training of citizens who live with physical challenges. We make citizens from all walks of American life, be they female, male, citizens who live with physical challenges, and older individuals, walk with confidence and self respect.

FUMA, the Federation of United Martial Artists: Crusade Against Crime has been in existence for more than two decades. With the greater exposure  FUMA's founder and CEO, Grandmaster Michael DePasquale has recently received due to the tremendous honor he has been awarded at the fitness Classic event of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Premiere Ju-Jitsu Master of The Twentieth Century) Our company, despite its twenty-plus years of service to the larger community, is again at the start-up and growth stage of business, having just reaffirmed our joint commitment to bring a full spectrum of services to both the Martial Art and the general communities.  Grandmaster DePasquale, jr. has called upon former managing editor of Karate International magazine, Myron King to bring his organizational, editorial,  computer, artistic expertise to the team which is FUMA: Crusade Against Crime, and serve, as well.

FUMA, the Federation of United Martial Artists: Crusade Against Crime has, in the most recent year, achieved a membership of 1,500 which almost unilaterally showed continuing strong interest in receiving and participating in the various community services that FUMA: Crusade Against Crime has been offering for the past two decades. This help to the community will be greatly expanded with the acquisition of this grant. financing contemplated herein, our organization expected to achieve $20,000.00 in pretax membership in 2013. We can achieve this because the funds will allow us to expand community service activities, such as self/home/child protection seminars,  a) expanded advertising and other marketing paradigms, b) expanded Dojo facilities to meet the increased demand for our services, c) more comprehensive internet services to interface with otherwise unreachable individuals, d) increase research and development for new and ever more efficient approaches to enlightening the public about the various methods of protecting oneself or one’s family.