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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Precautionary measures for home 

A. Safety tips while house is occupied:
  1. Always keep all doors locked.
  2. Be aware of who is at the door before opening it.
  3. If a stranger is persistent on the phone, do not let on that you are alone. 
  4. Call police if noises are heard outside house, i.e.: prowlers. 

B. Safety Tips while house is Vacant :
  1. Notify police, neighbors. 
  2. Stop Mail, newspapers, etc. 
  3. Be sure timer switch is set for lights (inside and out). 
  4. Make outside of house look lived in, i.e. cut grass, shovel snow, if possible keep cars in driveway. 
  5. Arrange to have dog fed, watered, and walked at home rather than kept at a kennel. 
  6. Arrange for garbage and trash to be put out and picked up as usual. 
  7. Arrange for secure storage of furs, jewelry and other valuables outside the house while you are away. 
  8. Have alarm system checked before leaving. 
  9. Avoid publicity about your pending trip. 
  10. Do not pack your car the night  before departure; load it quickly in the morning.
         For Example: Before leaving, check to see that all doors and windows are locked.

C. Children home with baby-sitter
  1. Do not let friends visit baby-sitter. 
         Leave clear and concise instructions for baby-sitter, including phone numbers where you can be reached. 
  2. Never let on that adults are not at home. 
  3. Call police if noises are heard around house. 
  4. Keep doors locked and lower level windows locked at night. 
  5. If a stranger is on the phone, hang up immediately. If they call again contact police and parents. 
  6. Use extreme judgment when  opening door. 

D. Strangers entering your Home or Business
  1. Do not leave valuables in sight 
  2. Do not let on that you live alone. 
  3. If possible have someone there to greet person besides yourself. 
  4. Do not let person enter house if you are alone. 
  5. Check identification (business) of person.

E. General tips for Home Security:
  1. If you walk in on a burglar, do not fight him, do as you are told and report the incident as soon as possible.
  2. Make arrangements with the neighbors to keep an eye on each other. In event of a stranger at the door, your neighbor can keep him under observation.
  3. Be certain that all outside doors are protected by a proper locking device. Dead bolt locks are best Door should be solid construction end fit snugly in door frame.
  4. All windows should be properly protected by a window lock. Added security can be obtained by use of a nail in a predrilled hole.
  5. Do not leave keys in hiding place, burglars always look around for “hidden” keys before attempting to break in.
  6. Basement windows should be protected by either bars or with a heavy plastic sheeting. 
  7. Install a “peephole” in all outside doors and give strangers a good look over before you admit them in your home. Intercoms are helpful for an added sense of security. 
  8. Dogs as a means of protection are deterrent to any would- be intruder. If attack dogs are used, be sure that they are under complete control at all times, a loose attack dog can hurt innocent people. 
  9. Police recommend marking all your appliances with an electric scribber on hidden location (for future id). Some police departments give decals for windows stating that the premises have been scribed. 
  10. If burglary does occur leave everything alone and report to police. Clues may be left behind that could lead to an arrest 
  11. Have alarms installed by reputable dealers. Units must be properly placed and controlled. 
  12. Always have keys ready to open doors, especially when arriving home late. 
  13. Keep outside lights on a timer so that entrance to home is always lit 
  14. Women should always conceal the fact that they are living in their homes alone. Mailboxes should be addressed with initials rather than Miss. 
  15. Keep night chains on doors for added protection. 
  16. Secure glass in immediate vicinity of door knobs and lock doors.
  17. If you lose your keys, replace your locks immediately. 
  18. Do not reveal personal information to strangers who phone you. 
  19. Hedges, shrubs, fences and trees should not block visibility from street to windows. 
  20. Sufficient lighting should be on exterior of houses. 
  21. Light all gates and fences surrounding your property.