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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Our Dojo rule #1 “Achieve Academic Excellence at all times!” You have a lot of challenges in your young lives. You live in the age of the IPhone, Texting, Twittering, Facebook, and Downloading. In our media driven world today, you are exposed to so much Gang Violence, Drugs, Sex, War, Physical and Mental Child Abuse. Hopefully, the positive teaching you receive at Home, School, Church, and here at the Dojo will help you remain safe. Your Discipline will keep you strong; the Love we have for you here at the Dojo will give you Hope, and the Courage to aim high and achieve your goals.

There is a reason “the average person” never reaches the Black Belt level. Would you like to know why? There is no such thing as an “average person” receiving a Black Belt! One who wishes to “walk the path” that many made before, must make daily sacrifices, study endlessly, and be willing to accept that mastery of the art and oneself is a life long journey. Some Martial Arts Masters say that earning a Black Belt means one must become a white belt over again. Confused? Don’t be.

Look at how “Tray” conducts himself when he is mistreated by the bully in the “Karate Kid” movie. He pretends to be cool but in reality, Tray is terrified. His situation is serious. He now, realizes that he must stop being so stubborn and listen to Mr. Miyagi. Mr. Miyagi is wise and disciplined. Tray becomes a champion but more importantly, he loses his fear and becomes a better person! Why? Because one must surrender to the development of their mind; have their will tested; be challenged physically; to be inspired for spiritual growth. The Martial Arts is not a seasonal sport like football, or a hobby like recreation sports. It is a way of life.

I am aware that students anticipate belt promotions. My Black Belts and I make decisions on the course of study and decide which student made the most progress and is ready for the next level. They must meet all “pre-testing” requirements and perform well on the mat. Students who do not meet the requirements for promotions must look at the students testing. They must look deep within themselves and reach for the same high standard. If you train harder another opportunity to test will come. “I don’t give rank away!”

You may never be able to execute the perfect “Fall and Throws,” or perform the “Combat Kata’s” to perfection. You will improve in time if you train hard! The competition in the Martial Arts lies within oneself. It is a calling that few take advantage of. You have already taken the first step.  Don’t be frustrated be determined!

Don’t be in a hurry! Enjoy each step of this learning process.                       “One who hurries never arrives!” -Lao Tzu

Be proud of what you have accomplished so far. Be proud of your Dojo and be worthy of the belt you wear.  The higher the rank the more we expect from you! We are testing you all the time!                       
REMEMBER!  We are here to guide you!                 
                        YOU WILL SUCCEED!
             Good luck and may God Bless you!