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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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State Representative Responsibilities

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As a FUMA State Representative you are expected to:
  1. Adhere to the FUMA Mission Statement, and the FUMA Code of Conduct.
  2. Promote new FUMA members throughout your state annually.
  3. Promote a minimum of three FUMA sponsored events annually in your state. Recruit prospective FUMA instructors for your state. These candidates must send documents (see credential requirements) for example: proof of rank, copy of liability insurance policy, and a brief statement of why they want to become a FUMA instructor, and how they would accomplish the FUMA mission.
  4. Once you have reviewed the prospective candidate’s information, make your comments and forward documents to FUMA headquarters for board approval. Forward all FUMA information to Michael DePasquale Jr. 
  5. Correspond and keep updated information on all FUMA Instructors in your state. Forward copies of information to FUMA Secretary, Michelle Albergo. 
  6. Keep detailed financial records, funds collected, and expenditures with receipts of all FUMA related activities including: office supplies, phone bills etc. Forward all information to FUMA Treasurer, Darlene Novak for filing and reimbursement.
  7. All FUMA instructors will report to the State Representative on all matters concerning FUMA. The FUMA State Representative is held accountable for all matters concerning your state instructors, and his or her FUMA activities. If there is proven misrepresentation of FUMA at any level, it must be reported to FUMA Headquarters immediately. 
  8. All FUMA State Representatives report directly to the FUMA Board of Directors chaired by the Executive Director, Michael DePasquale Jr.
  9. Follow FUMA 15 Step guideline for event planning.
  10. All FUMA Representatives are expected to attend annual training sessions.        

*All State Representatives and Instructors are to uphold the high standards of FUMA, and endeavor to meet the needs of our community bringing Safety, Health and Wellness to all.  All Fuma Representatives must not have a criminal record.