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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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FUMA State Instructor’s Responsibilities

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As a Fuma State Instructor you are expected to:
  1. Adhere to the Fuma Mission Statement and Code of Conduct.
  2. Report directly to your State Representative, or Fuma Headquarters.
  3. Promote new Fuma memberships throughout your state.
  4. Promote one annual Fuma sponsored event in your state.
  5. Follow the Fuma 15 Step event planning guideline.
  6. All Fuma events must be approved in advance by your State Representative, or by Fuma Headquarters.
  7. All Fuma Representatives must have current liability insurance coverage for themselves, and for all Fuma events. (see credential requirements)
  8. Keep detailed financial records, receipts, expenditures, and event funds collected. Forward to your state Representative, or to our Fuma Treasurer           Mrs. Darlene Novak.
  9. Forward all community correspondence and newspaper articles covering your event. Fuma uses items to promote nationally via the website. 
  10. Emphasize that Fuma is a charitable non- profit 501 (C) organization.
  11. All donations to Fuma are tax deductible.
  12. All Fuma Representatives must not have a criminal record.
*Fuma reserves the right to expel any person (s) from the organization for proven misconduct, or misrepresentation of the Fuma organization. 
*All Fuma Representatives will endeavor to meet the needs of our citizens, and make their communities a safe place to live. All Fuma representatives must not have a criminal record.